“I’ve wanted to be a writer for almost as long as I’ve been reading, but I never believed it possible until now. My current life won’t allow a return to college for creative writing, so I thought personal feedback would be a great way to learn what my writing weak spots are, and how to improve.

Previous to working with Manuela, I’d sent in a couple of pieces for critique through a literary magazine. Manuela’s story diagnostics blow those other critiques out of the water. Manuela’s thoughtful and specific diagnostics give me the confidence to dive right in and start polishing my pieces, and make them even more my own. Other critiques pointed out my work’s weaknesses, but often left me confused as to where and how to begin addressing them. Manuela is also very encouraging, and her diagnostics always leave me feeling empowered, capable, and energized to work.

Manuela asks targeted questions that help me to discover my story as I’m revising it. I’m always amazed at the feeling, detail, and insight about my stories that arise after reading and thinking about her diagnostics. She also makes comments and sends resources pertaining to plot, structure, and pacing, etc., to help me with writing mechanics.

Manuela's diagnostic style is encouraging and enthusiastic. She "meets me where I am" in the writing process, and takes an active interest in my personal writing goals. She really is my "writing BFF!"

I would recommend this type of service to anyone who is looking to improve their writing, with the aim of sharing their stories. Manuela will certainly help anyone to express themselves more beautifully and effectively.”

— Amanda H.