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Whether you’re just starting your writing journey, or stuck in a slump, I can work with you to identify any areas you might be struggling with and give you resources that will get you back on the right track. I work with writers of all genres, including fiction, creative nonfiction/memoir, and poetry. While I specialize in shorter fiction/nonfiction, please reach out if you have a book you’re working on! I would be happy to give you a quote.


Story/Poetry Diagnostic

Feeling meh about your story or poem? Not sure if it’s the best it can possibly be? You might need a diagnostic.

This service is perfect for you if you want:

- An overall assessment of your story, nonfiction piece, or poem

- A comprehensive list of what works, what doesn’t, and ways you can improve

- A detailed look at characters, theme, setting, pacing, narrative, marketability, and more for fiction/nonfiction

- A detailed look at language, traditional vs. experimental form, imagery, theme, and more for poetry

- Some margin notes (focusing on broader elements of your work, rather than smaller things like spelling and grammar)

This service is similar to the kind of feedback you would receive during a workshop in a traditional MFA program, with a few key differences:

- Individualized attention, with a focus on ways you can improve the marketability of your story so you can start submitting to literary magazines as soon as you’re ready

- Clear, actionable feedback (no vague comments!)

- One-on-one time with someone who has valuable experience in the lit mag world (pssst, that’s me!)

This isn’t for you if:

- You already think your work is perfect

- You don’t want to receive honest, constructive feedback

Ready to take your story from blah to bad-ass? Send me a note!


Coaching Sessions

I’m not going to lie, it’s frikkin’ hard sharing your writing with the world. But sometimes, it can be easy to let that self-doubt cripple you to the point where you’re never able put your work out there.

If you’re interested in one day getting published, but are having issues with:

· A lack of confidence in your writing ability

· Don’t know how to start improving your writing or submitting your work

· A sense of intimidation/overwhelm of the literary/publishing industry

· Not having a supportive and encouraging writing buddy

My coaching services will help you kick self-doubt in the butt and get you on track to realizing your full writing potential.

This coaching packet includes:

- 3, 45-minutes sessions via Google Hangouts or Skype

- A detailed action plan after every session, sent straight to your inbox

- 2 complimentary Story/Poetry Diagnostics

- Free access to any courses or resources I might create in the future

Ready to do this thang? Send me a note!


Office Hours Subscription

The best of both worlds!

If you need a little extra guidance from month-to-month, then this service is perfect for you. “Office Hours” is a renewable, monthly subscription service. Every month, you will get:

- 3 Story/Poetry Diagnostics

- 1, 1-hour Skype or Google Hangouts session to discuss your writing

- 1 action plan delivered straight to your inbox

ALMOST as good as Netflix!

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