You’re a writer. Maybe you’ve been writing stories since you were little. Maybe you’re just starting out. Whatever your background, you know for a fact that words give you life. You love the process of building memorable worlds and characters. You get a little thrill every time you come up with a new idea for a story or poem. You’re inspired by the environment and people around you. And maybe, just maybe, you’re ready to share your words with the world. 

But there might be a few things holding you back. You could be dealing with: 

  • A lack of confidence in your writing

  • A sense of intimidation/overwhelm of the literary and publishing community

  • A feeling of discouragement (either from other people, yourself, or both)

  • Fear that you’re not good enough to get published

I’ve been there before and it’s not fun. But guess what?

You deserve: 

  • To realize your dreams of publication.

  • A mentor who is not only knowledgeable about writing and the publishing industry but who also wants to see you achieve all your writing goals

  • An approachable and honest writing buddy who can help you grow and improve 

The best part about all this? 

You don’t need any fancy degrees to be a published writer. A lot of people mistakenly believe that they need an MFA to get published in literary magazines, or to publish their novel. That is so far from the truth! What you need is the right knowledge, skills, and support. When you have those three things, anything is possible.